Women in Transportation

Previously, most of the women did not drive big rigs and even did not work in the transportation industry. Working in a man dominated transportation industry for women was in fact strictly banned. As time passed by, women started seriously thinking of facing the confrontation of their male partners. In the year 1929, it was Lillie Elizabeth McGee, the first women to receive the driving license and thereafter becoming the sole proprietor of the company. In fact she was the foremost woman to own a company and the foremost woman heavy license driver.

Way back in the year 1960 most of the American women were seriously thinking about driving heavy vehicles to follow the footsteps of Lillie Elizabeth McGee. During that period there were no driving schools across the nation as they are today. There were lots of difficulties faced by many women as they had to deal with lack of self respect in the transportation industry and lack of amenities. Generally, the mentality of most of the people in America was that Ladies had no business in the transportation industry and were just made to work at home. The stressful and rough job in the transportation industry was actually not meant for women and so they felt that women were better at home rather than on the road.

However since 1960, women not just showed that they had the capacity to handle heavy vehicles but also they had the ability to earn a place to work hand on hand with their male counterparts. For most of the women in transportation industry, they have their personal unique set of problems. These personal problems still exist as the women drivers are house keepers, house wives and mothers when it comes to home care. All these women have their own personal duties when they are at their home as they usually have an exceptional set of activities to perform at home. However, women in transportation also have several other problems when they are on the road like difficult working conditions and safety concerns which both the female and male drivers have to face.

This means that women are these days no less or no more than the male drivers when it comes to working in the transportation industry which was once just belonged to the male gender. When it comes to working in the transportation industry both the female and the male drivers have to face several responsibilities like watching some kind of sexual etc. Due to these safety concerns most of the women preferred to team-up with their friends, husbands or even family members in order to be safe while working in the transportation industry. Women have to actually share similar kind of hardships and frustrations offered by the harsh lifestyle in the transportation industry.

All the heavy license drivers have to deal with several dangers on the road and even the anxiety related to their fellow drivers o workers and even while dealing with their customers. It is even more annoying when there is a gender problem that makes it really hard for women drivers to work in the transportation industry. However, these days most of the women in America choose to work in the transportation industry as this career provides them freedom to ride on the open road, increase of payments from normal jobs, flexible schedules etc.