Understanding How To Promote Using Greeting Card Printing
Understanding How To Promote Using Greeting Card Printing

Understanding How To Promote Using Greeting Card Printing

Greeting card printing is not the standard way to promote anything, but it is possible to print greeting cards for that purpose. It is quite an unorthodox way, but many businesspeople have succeeded quite well in utilizing greeting card printing in the advertising or promotional role. In this article, I shall help you understand how this works by showing you several different ways or promoting things using color greeting cards. Let me first discuss how your custom greeting cards can be used for direct mail marketing.

• Greeting cards as a direct mail marketing tool – You may have heard of direct mail marketing before. It is basically the process of sending promotional materials via “snail mail” to would be customers. The premise in this kind of promotional paradigm is that you really can get the person or market that you want directly in their house or office.

Now, greeting cards are one of the best ideal tools for direct mail marketing since most people like receiving greeting cards. Unlike the usual mail promotions via commercial envelopes, greeting cards are not considered as junk mail by default. By the fact that they are greeting cards, people usually read them first and probably keep them for future reference even though it is just an advertisement. That is why greeting card printing can really be an effective tool for promotions or advertising.

• Greeting loyal customers during holidays – Besides direct mail marketing. Custom greeting cards have also been proven to help businesses when it comes to developing loyal customer relations and of course promoting to those loyal customers. By sending your loyal customers regular holiday greeting cards with special greetings and special offers advertised in those greeting cards, you can easily maintain a good relationship with your consumer base while at the same doing some promotions. It is a two for one deal that you should not miss, especially if you really want to keep that consumer base for you.

• Using greeting cards as flyers/brochures – Now, it is also possible to use your greeting cards as general flyers and brochures. By distributing your advertising brochures by hand (or passively by racks) to the public, you can use your custom greeting cards just like flyers or brochures. The difference though is that, with custom greeting card printing, some people might actually keep those cards for a long time since it is more durable with usually a better design. This makes the greeting card a nice long term promotional tool that you should not really miss using.

• Greeting cards as subtle promotions – Finally, you can actually sell great looking but affordable greeting cards as subtle promotional tools. During the holidays, you can basically compose wonderfully designed greeting cards for half of the usual price. The small catch with this discount is that at the back of the greeting card, you have a small promotional message. In this way, you can get people to directly get your greeting cards for their own purposes, while at the same time turning them into distribution tools for your promotional campaigns. This is a simple but cunning way to use greeting cards for promotions, and it works quite well. Of course, you should create a really wonderful greeting card design to achieve this.

Good! Hopefully now, you can understand how greeting card printing can be used effective for promotions. Why don’t you try these tricks out for your greeting cards?