Travel by Plane when Pregnant
Travel by Plane when Pregnant

Travel by Plane when Pregnant: Few steps to Follow

Women are faced by a couple of reasons which may force them travel by plane during pregnancy, it is important of them to know the ins and outs of traveling by plane when pregnant, this help in protection and comfort of women and unborn babies, traveling by plane is not easy for a pregnant woman but with following the following steps the whole traveling process can be smooth.

Consult a physician or a healthcare provider.

- Health providers only allows one to travel by plane if the pregnancy has no complications such as gestational, diabetes ,or hypertension, it is thus important for a pregnant woman to consult a health professional before traveling by plane.

- A woman who has also experienced premature delivery, miscarriage, feta loss on any delivery complication is not eligible of traveling by plane; this is because traveling by plane may put the current pregnancy under risk.

Request addition courtesies of the airline stuff.

- One should inform airline stuff about her condition, and request for desired seat i.e. aisle seat which is near restroom is convenient of frequent trips to the toilet, or a bulkhead seat that offers extra legroom and personal space.

- Women with difficulties of long standing or walking should request wheelchair delivery and pick-up or escort on an airport indoor vehicle to drop them off and pick them at the gate.

Plan for comfort during a flight.

- One can achieve this by packing all the essentials, required during travel such as neck pillow, heat pack and healthy snacks that one may require during traveling.

- It is also important of pregnant woman to drink plenty of water during traveling, this is because traveling by plane causes dehydration one should carry with or ask seated.

Perform small exercises during flight to keep blood flowing.

- Excess assist in proper blood circulation, this also reduce discomfort or swelling, this can be achieved by flexing of knees , ankle rolling and wrist in small circles, cramps and swelling can be minimized by occasional leg lifts and short walks, one should be cautious by holding the overhead bins.

- In case of loud noise caused by loud talking passengers, kids playing around one should ask a steward to help and move them to another seat away from noise a pregnant woman should remain comfortable as much as possible.

- It is important of one to relax and avoid boredom, this can be achieved by one carrying a book or magazine, watching movies, listening to music can also help one to relax while traveling.

Speak out.

In case one needs anything it is important to speak out, let the steward know of your needs, they are in a position to provide one with extra blankets, water or soda.

Check Airline Liability.

It is important for a pregnant woman to consult first the liability of airline before booking a ticket this is because some airline has restrictions; on pregnancy one should be sure of the nature of pregnancy restriction, traveling to some country is important of a pregnant woman to have a visa as it authorizes her to travel everywhere.