Top Cuban Cigar Brands

As a joke, women often say that cigars are God’s real gift to men. To be sure, a good quality, smooth and flavorful cigar can give a person, male or female, great pleasure and relaxation. Some brands, of course, are much better than others. Many different factors play into the overall quality and experience of the particular cigar. Factors like the flavor, filler and binder tobaccos, the wrapper, and the actual construction can make or break a cigar brand. Following are some of the top brands of Cuban cigars, those that have all of the essential elements for a relaxing smoke at the end of a long day.

Macanudo cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic, in the city of Santiago. Macanudos use a mild filler native to the Dominican Republic, a binder that comes from a Mexican valley, and a Connecticut shade wrapper. Macanudo cigars deliver a mellow and smooth taste that is mild and consistent with each cigar. Well known and popular around the world, Macanudo is especially popular in the United States, where the supply of authentic Cuban cigars is extremely limited.

Montecristo cigars are handmade, and its meticulous construction has made it a legendary name in Cuba. The product is actually finished in the Dominican Republic, in the Menendez y Garcia factory. This cigar is a slow burning and fine cigar filled with complex and rich flavors. Montecristo’s are savored by many cigar aficionados around the world.

Cohiba cigars are perhaps the most coveted of all brands. With its long, storied history as Fidel Castro’s private smoke until 1982, it’s achieved an almost cult like status, especially in light of the fact that they are still off limits to most Americans. Cohibas are available in a wide range of styles and flavors, and limited editions are regularly released.

Romeo y Julieta cigars have a smooth and aromatic, slightly sweet flavor. A medium strength blend of oak and coffee flavors have been favorites of many smokers for well over one hundred years. Made by Habanos SA, the government run tobacco industry in Cuba. (There is also a Romeo y Julieta brand made in the Dominican Republic, but they are not related.)