Tips to Successfully Run a Marathon

It is suggested that you wear your outfit at least once for a half the distance of a marathon before competing in it. Taking the time to ensure that your clothing isn’t going to irritate your skin or cause any discomfort can make the difference between meeting your goals and being disappointed at yourself.

Second, make sure that you keep your body as hydrated as possible. Two days before the race constantly consume water; this will validate that your body is fully hydrated when you are crouched down at the starting line ready to start your journey.

It takes the body two days to fully absorb and store the water that you consume. Keep in mind that each person has a different optimum amount of water their body can store while still being active. While training take a day two days off of running and consume a lot of water, then run a half marathon and see how your body feels.

Third, Most races require you to keep track of your time until the finish line. Wear an athletic style watch while training and determine a pace that is comfortable to you, and then try to keep the same pace while running the race.

Fourth, it is critical to drink water during the race even if your body doesn’t feel thirsty. Some people think that they should only drink water when they are thirst to keep the body from being weighted down, they couldn’t be any more wrong.

People who only drink water after their body is telling them they are thirst may have a difficult time finishing the race. When running such a long distance if they body becomes dehydrated at all you can kiss your chances of finishing the race goodbye.

Finally, keep in mind that you may have to change your goals depending on the conditions on the day of the marathon. Temperature and humidity dramatically affects the amount of stress your body can endure while running. If the weather is different than you are used to alter the pace you were planning on and ensure that you are putting safety first.

Try not to get frustrated if you are forced to complete the race in a longer time than you anticipated. Understand that you can’t control the weather but you can control your attitude. Just realize that you did something that a lot of other people can’t do and set your sights on the next race.