Things to consider when buying a treadmill

As we are living in the speed era, very few people manage to go to a health club and follow an exercising routine, although most of them have become aware of the benefits that exercising can have for their health. Therefore most people choose to follow an exercising routine in their own home using, of course, home fitness equipment.

As this issue becomes general, lately the demand for home fitness equipment(and especially treadmills), has greatly increased. Experts consider a treadmill one of the best buys that a person could make in his/her fitness efforts, as it doesn’t get old or lose popularity, since it’s based on running, and that came a long way back in our history. Making a treadmill purchase is not a very difficult task, but there are a few things to make sure you know when making the decision; you should be very careful with your needs that you want satisfied and buy a model that fits them entirely.

It’s important to try it out prior to making the purchase – see how you feel it, how much it fits “you”. If you aren’t able to do that(like when making a purchase through the Internet), just read out some reviews and see what others are saying about it. Here are a few important things that should count in your purchase decision:

* it should be a stable machine with a running belt as wide as possible – of at least 18 to 20″ wide and 48″ long * a low impact running surface should be an essential feature as it protects your joints, knees and back from strain or damage by a special technology * an emergency shut-off and side rails or safety bars – reachable, sturdy – are also important * the warranty and the expected maintenance and service represent an important sign for the machine’s quality * the treadmill should have a continuous rated motor of at least 2.5 to 3.0 horsepower * the speed it can reach should be proper for your fitness goals, adequate for your intended use (0.1 to 8 miles per hour – for walking and running) * an incline range of 0 % to at least 10 % would also make you workout more comfortable etc.

Those are all important specifications, and above them, you should look for even more that are made to make your life easier, such as: a heart rate monitor – which would help you optimize the way you workout; a fold-up design would ensure an easy space-saving storage; computer-memorized workout routines operable from a console would sure be another plus.

As a conclusion there are many important things you should consider when buying a home treadmill, these previous ones being only a few of them at which you can add many others depending on your needs and desires.