The P’s of Marketing
The P’s of Marketing

The P’s of Marketing

What’s the use of a great USP to your business if you don’t know much about your prospective clients? Being the most affordable folder printing company for example will be lost to your target clients if they have the money to burn for their presentation folder printing needs. They would rather go to a printer that can provide them with quality printing at a much faster pace, the cost notwithstanding.

We can’t say this enough – in every marketing campaign, you need to know your target clients. You have to be in touch with their needs and wants; basically, what makes them tick. For a successful marketing strategy, you need to know what your target clients are like, what they like about you, what makes them buy from you, what can be the most effective method to reel them in, how can you contact them, as well as how you can very well take control of all the processes involved in successful marketing.

For another expert marketer, it’s all about the P’s. The P’s of marketing helps you to see what’s important to you and your target market, which can then help you decide which to concentrate on during your marketing efforts.

Positioning –
What can help you stand out in your market niche? What can get you a good leverage over your competition? Is it that you’re the only lady plumber in town? Or you can easily ship out your orders in a short a time as an hour?

Place –
Where do you want to sell your business? Do you want to go online? Or would you rather stay traditional and sell from a stall?

Products –

What do you sell? What are your bestsellers? Which offer can provide you with the most ROI? How do you package your offer? What image can you provide for your products and services? Is the image consistent?

Price –
How much does it cost for you to generate a lead or a client? How much does a customer worth to you to stay over a period of time? What promos in a way of discounts can you offer to make them stay? Can you still offer value even when you give discounts and free services to your clients and customers?

Process –
Is your process consistent? Have you tried the whole marketing process – from getting your target clients informed to following up on them?

Promotion –
How do you market you, your company, and your products and services? What marketing tools do you use? Are you promoting yourself even when you are handing out an invoice in your folder printing?

People –

Do you have well-trained and skilled staff? Are they consistent in putting forward a great marketing message?

Purpose –

Finally, what do want to accomplish with your marketing? What do you want your target clients to do after reading your message?

Having your P’s visible during your marketing efforts can help you provide a more effective marketing strategy that gets responded to every time. So go for your P’s and see a huge difference in your marketing results.