The Importance Of Variable Area Flow Meters

For industries that rely heavily on the monitoring of liquids and gasses, variable area flow meters are an essential tool. These tools play a critical role in maintaining the safety of day to day operations, and above all else, the safety of employees.

Kytola Instruments, an engineering solutions company based in Montreal, Canada, and Alpharetta Georgia in the US, manufactures the best ISO and CRN approved variable area flow meters in the industry. The company prides itself on delivering quality construction with a large inventory of options as well as offers custom construction for flow meter products, which monitor all types of liquids and gasses.

Many industries rely heavily on variable area flow meters to keep track of the levels of gasses and liquids that accumulate during the manufacturing process. Flow meter tools are especially important in bioprocessing, food processing, pharmaceutical, mining and mineral processing. When dealing with volatile liquids and gasses, close attention must be paid to their accumulation. Variable area flow meters are also essential in the paper manufacturing, petrochemicals, wastewater, and other chemical substances industries. Often, variable area flow meters are used to monitor the flow of water, de ionized water, compressed air or chemical lubricants through different types of machinery, ensuring their safe operation. These tools also monitor the flow of liquids through sampling systems and similar mechanisms, providing visual assurance that flow rates are at their correct levels, or in need of adjustment.

It is extremely important to not use variable area flow meters for the monitoring of certain opaque liquids that may affect the accuracy of the flow meter's operation. Since their operation is dependent upon gravity, variable area flow meters should also not be used in systems where an upward flow is required, or with liquids that could potentially coat the metering tube, rendering the variable area flow meter useless or inoperative.

The flow meters from Kytola Instruments are made for specific protocols; each model has detailed options and specifications that make choosing the correct variable area flow meter quick and easy. Models include variable area flow meters with polymer construction, perfect for the monitoring of gas flow, and some with the capacity for use to monitor gasses or liquids. They are long lasting, accurate and contain easily replaceable flow tubes on the models which are designed for this purpose. Kytola Instruments stands behind their variable area flow meters by providing all the necessary information pertaining to their usage and protocols. Their web site, kytola, contains detailed descriptions of all the variable area flow meters they manufacture, as well as downloadable brochures to ensure that the correct ones are purchased by clients. They are extremely proud of their 100% workmanship guarantee policy.

Don't leave the essential monitoring of liquids and gasses to chance. Choose top quality variable area flow meters from Kytola Instruments. Ensure the safety and efficiency of your manufacturing operations by choosing the right instruments for the job. Invest in quality and safety with products from Kytola Instruments.