Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals - Keep Water Clean

Relaxing in a home spa or hot tub after a long day is a great way to unwind and reduce stress. Hot tubs are also great places to gather with friends and family to enjoy time together and to catch up on the latest news. However, to ensure that time spent in your spa or hot tub is enjoyable and safe, it's extremely important to keep the water clean. Spa water that is not properly sanitized can not only look and smell unpleasant, it can also be potentially dangerous. When bacteria and other contaminants accumulate in the water, the risk of bathers contracting illnesses or infections goes up significantly.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be difficult to keep your hot tub water clean and free of contaminants so you and your family can enjoy safe and fun relaxation time in the warm and soothing water. As long as you use the proper spa and hot tub chemicals on a regular basis, maintaining a sparkling clean and purified spa environment is relatively easy. While there are many different types of spa chemicals available, there are a few categories of chemicals that are the most important when it comes to spa and hot tub maintenance.

Shock products and sanitizers are some of the most important hot tub chemicals, as they provide the backbone for any water maintenance routine. When added to spa or hot tub water, these sanitizing chemicals oxidize organic contaminants, such as bacteria, thereby deactivating and destroying them. Shock chemicals are extremely powerful sanitizers which are used when extra contaminant-killing power is required, such as at the beginning of the season and after heavy usage.

Chlorine is a very powerful water sanitizer and shock chemical, and is probably the most commonly used sanitizing chemical. However, there are other types of sanitizing hot tub chemicals available for those who find chlorine too harsh or who don't like chlorine's strong chemical odour. For example, bromine is also a powerful sanitizing chemical that can be used to keep spa water sparkling clean. In contrast to chlorine, however, bromine causes less skin and eye irritation and doesn't produce a strong odour like chlorine does. There are also other alternative, non-chlorine sanitizing spa chemicals available which are very powerful and effective.

Other important spa and hot tub chemicals include stabilizers and balancing chemicals. While bromine is pre-stabilized, chlorine is not. As a result, chlorine-based spa chemicals need to be used in conjunction with stabilizers in order to enhance their effectiveness. Stabilizing spa chemicals provide protection for chlorine molecules, preventing them from becoming quickly destroyed by UV radiation from the sun and thereby allowing the chlorine-based chemicals to last longer.

Balancing spa and hot tub chemicals are also beneficial to have on hand. The chemical levels in your spa water are affected by many factors, including sunlight, rain, evaporation and the presence of oils. This means that the water's chemical levels are always changing, which affects the water's pH levels and total alkalinity. Balancing hot tub chemicals such as pH increasers and reducers allow you to keep pH and alkalinity levels in the right range.

Algaecides are also a great help when it comes to keeping your spa or hot tub clean. Algae is a form of plant life that grows in water and can cause many problems in swimming pools and hot tubs by making the water cloudy and by clogging up filtration systems. However, algaecides are special spa chemicals which kill algae. Algaecides can also be used to prevent algae growth. When algaecides are used to control algae growth and cloudiness on a regular basis, chemical shock treatments are required less often.

In addition to all of the above spas and hot tub chemicals, stain removers and stain prevention chemicals will also help to keep spas and hot tubs spotlessly clean and looking great. These hot tub chemicals control certain elements that may be present in the water, such as metals, which cause staining, scaling and unsightly water lines. By using stain prevention spa and hot tub chemicals on a regular basis, the need for backbreaking scrubbing and cleaning will be greatly reduced and it will be far easier to maintain a beautifully clean spa environment.

All of the above spa chemicals play an important role in maintaining clean, clear water. By killing contaminants, maintaining the water's chemical equilibrium and by preventing stains and cloudiness, spa and hot tub chemicals are absolutely vital to creating a safe and sanitary environment where you can hang out with family and friends or simply enjoy some quiet time. Since hot tub chemicals keep water clean and safe, they also provide peace of mind so you can truly relax and get maximized enjoyment out of your spa or hot tub.