PPC Marketing for Effective Online Campaign

PPC services have surely taken the internet world by storm. Don’t believe me? Well here are the statistics. PPC marketing commands an unbelievable turnover of $1.1 billion per year and the trend is phenomenally growing at 13% every quarter despite the economic slowdown around the world. The trend was introduced in 2000’s from the banner ads. The Google’s AdWords Select was started in early 2002. Today Google controls approx. 50% of the total PPC market, followed by Yahoo which has 25% of the market share. AdWords reflect the chosen ad near the relevant search results within the Google network and charge money from the website owners once any user clicks on their ad.

This internet based advertising model has become quite popular and it is being used on the search engines, content websites and the various advertising networks that demands money only if the consumer clicks on the given link and is directed to the website. The ad is designed out of the specific keywords that are chosen in accordance to the target market. They are picked only after thorough research and analysis so that the client is able to reach the target audience. As soon as the consumer types the relevant keywords into the search engines, the specific ads also gets reflected on one side of the search results. Thus, PPC services are quite popular these days.

The largest PPC provider is Google and along with it other prominent players of this field are Yahoo search marketing, and Microsoft Ad center. As far as the cost of a certain ad is concerned, it hugely depends on your choice of keywords and the search engine. Certainly, ROI is the most crucial aspect of this marketing tactic and there are various pricing models that are prevalent in these matters.

Percentage of revenue- The pricing is done on the basis of the conversion or performance rates. But it is likely for a prospective customer to visit a website more than once before making a purchase so it becomes difficult at times to track the actual selling in a certain website.

Percentage of Ad- here pricing is determined on the basis of the advertising budget. You can ask your PPC consulting agency for details on this model.