Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Review

Why the Porter Cable 7424xp is the Best Dual Action Polisher on the Market

If you have been considering a quicker and easier way to polish your car, then you will want to read this Porter Cable 7424xp dual action polisher review. A dual action polisher can be used for two separate types of activities. First, it can be used for polishing a car which helps keep the shine and showroom quality finish that new cars have. It can also be used as a sander, tackling some of the basic sanding needs that you have around the shop or house (such as restoring headlights from oxidation or working on the restoration of a boat).

The Porter Cable 7424xp will save you countless hours of detailing while ensuring that swirl marks no longer are a problem. While this product is great for removing light scratches, it is fantastic for large scale polishing projects also.

Porter Cable 7424xp Polishing Advantages

Compact and Lightweight Design

Using the 7424xp with a good polisher is an effective way to keep your car looking its best for years to come. The package comes with all the bells and whistles. This includes a 6 inch polishing pad to get you started on the project. What is really useful is the variable speed switch on the side of the polisher that controls the orbits per minute from 2400 - 6800.

Like all products that Porter Cable makes, the 7424x is built tough and durable. It utilizes full ball and roller bearing construction for heavy industrial uses (at an auto dealership or professional car detailing site). This product is also lightweight, weighing only 5.5 pounds and nicely balanced so your hands don't feel tired after working for a little while.