Nett Solutions Scam – Truth or Hoax

The field of internet marketing is getting more and more attention. There are more people use internet marketing strategy today than ever before. The fact that the internet is very powerful has changed the face of marketing once and for all. Companies are no longer focusing on the marketing strategies that apply conventional approaches. The internet has been building a whole new wide world and that world is available for everybody to come into make a presence in. The internet marketing is giving companies the results that they have never gotten before. They find that marketing their products through the internet is very effective. Companies build websites to represent their presence in the internet world. The website then becomes the key to their success. It works as some kind of a door that is wide open and welcomes the customers to have a look around. It works even better than a real store because it reaches people. In reaching people, companies make use of the Search Engine Optimization strategies; this is why there are so many search engine placement companies these days. The companies need them. But the fact that there are so many SEO companies has risen up a very tight competition, and the competition can be very rough sometimes. One of the biggest search engine placement companies that are experiencing the bitterness of a rough competition is the Nett Solutions.

You might have heard or read about the news around Nett Solutions Scam. It scored as a headline some time ago. It is said that a costumer has been reporting that Nett Solution is doing a dirty work. The customer said that his company hired Nett Solutions to give it a high rank on the search engine results but after they paid high price, the result never happen. He also mentioned that after cutting the contract, Nett Solutions charged his credit card.

This is very surprising news for other Nett Solutions customers. They wondered is the Nett Solutions Fraud true because their search engine results are not affected whatsoever. Not wanting to lose the trust of their loyal customers, the Nett Solutions finally said something about it. They said that the report is a hoax made by their former employee. The black campaign was intended to bring the company down. Nett Solutions mentioned that they do not have the client’s name on their list and deny everything he accused them of. So is the scam really true or just a hoax? Nett Solutions is a big and reputable company with many loyal customers, it is almost impossible that they did things like that. However, it is wise if you do a little research before deciding to take a side.