Kennedy Tool Boxes

Kennedy Tool Boxes For Sale

Are you seeking new Kennedy Tool Box for sale at a good price? Kennedy has been designing useful and dependable tool boxes for the past 100 years. As one of the rare companies that manufactures tool boxes made in the USA, the local focus has helped them maintain top quality standards with all their products.

Kennedy carries a full line of different tool boxes, cabinets, chests and workstations. There are two major categories which they are known for: the traditional tool boxes and the machinist chest. Whether you are buying a toolbox to go in the back of your truck or in your garage, Kennedy has an option for any consumer searching for a product that has been proven over the the last century.

Traditional Tool Boxes

The traditional Kennedy Tool Boxes, also known as cantilevers, remind me of an old style lunch pail. They were designed this way for a specific purpose. The handle on top and the sloped design makes it simpler to carry based on the shape of the average person and the how we carry items to our side. Once you open the the toolbox, there are several trays inside (ranging in sizes for different tools). Many customers like the fact that the compartments each have their own unique features such as felt lining for socket wrenches, large open areas for bigger tools, etc. Ultimately the tool boxes are designed with the mechanic or user in mind.

Kennedy 520 machinist tool chest

The Kennedy 520 is a vinyl cushioned tool chest with the apprentice needs in consideration. The machinist chest is ideal for working small projects. Some of the other features of this machinist tool chest is the 7 functional drawers (each one capable of holding up to 75 pounds). The 520 also comes with the Kennedy backed Lifetime Warranty.

Product Features

Another reason why Kennedy has such a loyal following is because of the smooth operation of the tool chests. Each shelf uses ball bearings which allow it to glide easily when opening and closing. This simple concept also keeps the chest operating well even with heavy tools still inside.

KENNEDY 8 Drawer Machinists' Chest
MODEL #: 526
Dimensions: 26-11/16" x 8-9/16" x 13-5/8"