Keeping Your Treadmill in Top Shape

Regardless of your individual fitness goals, a treadmill is an easy way to help you achieve them. Whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape, train for a race or improve your overall health, a treadmill can fit into every fitness regime. Here are some fitness facts to consider:

1. According to a recent survey, only 14% of people claim to have recently participated in some kind of physical activity.

2. Among the youth population, an increase in age leads to a decrease in activity. Many experts believe this has to do with the prevalence of video games, the internet and television.

3. A majority of Americans between the ages of 12 and 21 claim to get no regular physical exercise.

4. Many school districts have begun to include a regular physical exercise schedule into their school day. This program has proven to be successful and has further encouraged students to continue being active outside of school.

5. One of the biggest factors that contribute to a healthy amount of exercise for youth is the positive peer pressure of family and friends. By encouraging an active lifestyle, adolescents are more inclined to follow their peers’ good examples.

Based on these statistics, it is evident that as a society we are less engaged in activity and more engrossed in our sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to encourage children from a very young age to be active. It is a habit worth pursuing.

Treadmills are easy to use and can be modified to fit your workout. You can set your own pace as fast or as slow as you want. If you need to be challenged, most treadmills offer different programs to increase your pace and your incline to make it more challenging. If you are a runner, you can set your pace and complete a 5 mile run. Whatever your goals are, treadmills can be used to help reach your fitness level.

Samantha Green is a writer for buy-treadmills. She shares her knowledge for exercise in her articles. She talks about ways to walk on a treadmill, treadmill accessories, and what gadgets to look for before buying a treadmill.