Keeping Distracted

I have a stash of new toys (simple bath toys).

I took a few out for C to play with during her bathtime.  In the corner of her bathtub, there is a toy holder suctioned to the bath wall.  Recently, C has been so fussy at bathtime that the toys are a big help.  After her bath, she puts them back in the holder and waves “bye bye” to them.

I’ve also used the toys to help during diaper changing time, especially when I’m by myself.  She is squirmy!  We go to her toy holder and pick out two little toys.   Holding them, she is kept busy and doesn’t make too much of a fuss.  The toys are “new” since she doesn’t spend a lot of time playing with them.  After the diaper change, she puts them back and waves goodbye to them.

She has recognized this routine, and it’s helped me tremendously.

I haven’t had a chance to go to the store, but the next time I go to Target or Babies R Us, I’ll make it a point to look for inexpensive little bath toys to keep around her room and also to stash in the diaper bag.  Let’s hope they can work their “magic” when changing her outside of the home!

My sister’s 8.5 month old son has eczema and allergies.   He has had allergy tests done, and he’s allergic to: dairy, nuts, eggs and mildly allergic to wheat and soy.   His face is always red from eczema which seems to be triggered by food and environment.  Poor guy!   My sister has a hard time trying to get him not to scratch which worsens the problem.  She said to me “I wish he has C’s skin.”

I tell her, I wish C’s eyes are straight like her son’s.  

Perhaps one day both wishes will come true! 

I want our friends to start a family.   Obviously, there is nothing we can do about it, but S and I always talk about how nice it would be if the two couples we are good friends with started a family.    Then, we’d all be able to hang out more at family theme parks, at family restaurants, at playgrounds, and more.  (You get the idea!)

Two of our good friends and their wives got married about 1 and 1.5 years after we did.  We were so looking forward to some news each time we saw them.  But, alas, the wife of one couple is going back to school, and it sounds like the talks about kids for them are not immediate although for a short period of time, they were talking to us about pregnancy, what to expect, etc.   We haven’t heard any news from the other couple, but we’ll see them at lunch today after not having seen them in a few months.

I have learned a lot so far with C, and I would love if our friends can experience the same thing.  Not to mention that I want C to have more playmates around her age group!

I’m having a harder time now trying to get C to wear her eye patch.   She keeps pulling it off!    It’s like she is “testing” me.   She touches her glasses, looks at my reaction.  If I react a certain way, she’ll pull her glasses along with the patch off.  I am going to try ignoring her when she touches her glasses to see what happens.  What will it be like as she gets older!?

We go and see the doctor again in a month.  I really hope there is some improvement in her eyes and surgery is not needed.  I try not to think about it, but I cannot help it.   S brought up an interesting point the other day.  C is such an outgoing little girl.  Will surgery be traumatizing for her and cause her to withdraw?  

We’ll learn more at the next eye appointment.  Meanwhile, I have to keep C from pulling her glasses with the eye patch off!