How to Select Swimming Pool Liners for In-Ground Pools

In-ground swimming pool liners will typically last for many years. However, in time they will inevitably become faded or damaged as a result of years of usage and exposure to the elements. When the time arrives for you to purchase a new vinyl liner for your in-ground swimming pool, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind and a number of steps that you should follow. By carefully considering a few preliminary issues and questions, you'll be ensuring that you select a new liner that will be fully appropriate for your swimming pool while meeting all of your needs and preferences. These issues include practical considerations such as the size and price as well as aesthetic considerations such as style and color.

The first step involved in choosing a new liner for your in-ground swimming pool is to determine the size and shape that the new liner will need to be in order to fit your pool perfectly. Some retailers of swimming pool supplies offer in-ground pool liners in a variety of standard shapes and sizes, such as for rectangular pools. However, if your swimming pool is not of a standard size or shape, or if you simply want to ensure a highly precise fit, custom cut liners may well be the best option for you. Many retailers offer custom in-ground swimming pool liners that can be made to fit any swimming pool. All you have to do is provide precise measurements and a special, custom liner will be engineered for you.

After determining the size and shape of your new pool liner, it will be time to consider what quality you want and how much you are willing or able to spend. Vinyl in-ground pool liners are available in a variety of grades or thicknesses, usually presented as the liner's gauge. Thicker liners, or those with a higher gauge, are more durable and will be better able to withstand wear and tear for a longer lifespan. At the same time, however, increased thickness and durability also come at an increased price. As a result, whether you decide to choose a 20 gauge liner, a 25 gauge liner or a 28 gauge liner will depend on the level of quality that you're looking for as well as your budget. Yet, even 20 gauge liners are designed to withstand UV radiation and harsh weather conditions in order to provide years of use.

Once you have taken care of all the practical considerations involved in choosing in-ground swimming pool liners by determining the shape, size and gauge of your new liner, you can take the most fun step of selecting the color and style of your liner. Vinyl in-ground swimming pool liners are available in a wide array of attractive and beautiful patterns and designs. You can choose anything from solid blue and blue swirl patterns to multicolored aquarium designs. You can also find liner designs that create a variety of different tiled looks as well as liners that give the appearance of your pool being lined with attractive slate or stones. Choosing an attractive liner will not only make your swimming pool look better, it will also add a dramatic flair and touch of style to your entire backyard or pool area. With so many patterns and designs to select from, you can truly add a unique and special stamp to your pool with a new vinyl liner.

After you have purchased and received your new liner, installation will be the next step. This can be done with or without professional assistance. If you feel confident that you can properly install your liner without a professional installation service, you will likely need at least four people to complete the job. Many retailers offer detailed installation instructions that will help you through the process. Retailers of swimming pool supplies and in-ground swimming pool liners also typically offer vinyl liner installation accessories, such as floor padding and liner locks, so you can easily find everything you need for a smooth and straightforward installation.

While there are several factors to consider when choosing a new liner for your in-ground swimming pool, following the above steps will help to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the end result. Naturally, the right fit is very important in order to allow for proper installation. In addition, quality is a very important consideration, as it will determine the durability and the cost of your new liner. Furthermore, selecting a liner with a style and design that you love will allow you to enjoy your pool even more while giving it a truly personalized and stylish look.