How to Design a Traditional Bathroom

Chris Fuller is the owner of Kitchen Bath & Glass Center in Brevard County, Florida. In business since 1987, his company is renowned for its attention to detail and knowledgeable staff. Here, Fuller shares his tips on how to design a bathroom with a traditional esthetic.

Many people consider their bathroom a sanctuary, a place where they can relax and unwind after a long day or the stresses of life. When it comes to designing a traditional bathroom, the most popular trend these days is a return to neutral colors. More than anything else, people who say they are going for a traditional look are choosing neutral-colored tiles in a 12 by 12 pattern.

For homeowners, the specific size of the tiles seems to be especially important. When tiles are larger than the 12 by 12 size, they sometimes come off as looking too cold or monolithic. At the same time, though, people don’t want to go too small with the tiles they choose for their bathrooms because that often ends up looking somewhat retro. Small subway tiles and things of that nature, for example, tend to be what people think of as retro now. That is why those would not be a good option for someone trying to build a traditional looking bathroom either.

In addition to just choosing a 12 by 12 tile in neutral colors, many homeowners often ask for a tile with some kind of band or accent mark on it to help with the traditional appearance. They also want that to play well into a few niches in the wall -- possibly in the shower where people would put shampoo and soap. Having a few well-placed niches put into the walls in the bathroom is sort of what everybody is doing right now.

Frameless Showers
For anyone who may not know what a frameless shower is, it is a shower that has no u-channel framing on it. Even people who say they are looking for a traditional style are still going with these new frameless showers. Generally, a frameless shower is attached to the wall with a clamp, and each panel is attached to the next panel -- usually with a mechanical fastener like a clamp or an over-clamp. And to finish off the design, most of these showers have what are known as European hinges or patch hinges.

Sinks and Faucets
Furthermore, the faucets and sinks are usually something that people care a lot about and take a lot of time in choosing. These days, more and more homeowners are going with undermount sinks and single post faucets instead of the three-faucet designs that people used to get.

In fact, trends come and go in the world of bathroom remodeling. Even though it seems like all of these fixtures and items that help with the traditional bathroom are popular today, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. So many people are swayed in choosing what they like based on the latest style trends in home magazines. It seems like new design ideas and products are always on their way in and out.