History of Toyota in the USA

Toyota is an example of the most vital carmakers on the planet. 2007 statistical data place Toyota as the number one world carmaker and it should come as little surprise, as they have built their reputation of trustworthy carmakers. Toyota started out in the mid 1930s with its first engine and its first passenger car.

When the WW2 started, Toyota was forced by the Japanese presidency to build army cars. In fact, Toyota begun to begin a large automotive maker after the war, a time when the Japanese economy was staring to develop and there was an increasing need to cheap means of transportation. Many models were copies of American vehicles (in fact, the first Land Cruiser was a copy after the American military Jeep).

It is in 1958 that Toyota sold its first models In America. The first models imported were the Toyopet and the Land Cruiser. Shortly after that, seeing that neither models have acceptable sales, Toyota designed the 1st models particularly for the Yank market : the Avalon and the Camry.

By the early 1960s, Toyota has opened its first research and development facilities in the US, focusing more on international sales. In 1967, Toyota launched another all-American model, its Crown sedan and the Crown lorry. To enter the Yankee muscle automobile market, till then controlled by domestic players,

Toyota made a decision to import the 2000GT sport model. Whilst not extremely fast, it proved superior to several local models as it was better built and had a better handling. Seeing the 1980s America was trying to find more sumptuous models, Toyota has launched its luxury brand Lexus In America. When making the 1st Lexus, the LS400, Toyota has done everything they could to supply a better vehicle than Mercedes and BMW.

Toyota refined all its Yank models and its Lexus brand introduced newer, technology richer autos and by the mid 1990s Toyota was seen as a pacesetter in details of trustworthiness and build quality.

Today's Toyota is fighting to keep its first position as the auto manufacturer with the biggest sales and units produced. In America Toyota has double the sales of Honda with both its Toyota and Lexus brands. Its HQ are situated in NY and Toyota has 5 assembly plants across the United States in Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas and West Virginia. S. In Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas and West Virginia.

Toyota is presently developing the US models regionally, in America, as they have seen that models made particularly for the Japanese or the ECU markets don't reach the same sales numbers as the models made accordingly to the requirements of the Yankee market.