Fat Burning Interval Training on Treadmill

Are you getting the results from your treadmill routine that you did when you started? If not, maybe your body has adapted to the routine or you are just bored with it. If you have reached a point where you are still working hard, but are not losing weight, you are not alone. It seems that everyone experiences this issue at some point in their training. Thankfully, with a few changes you can kick-start your workout and get back to getting the results you want.

Interval training on a treadmill is one of the best solutions. The problem is that your body is accustomed to your normal workout. Initially your body was shocked into responding to your workouts because it did not know what to expect. Now that your body accommodates your workout, it is time to change things up.

Now that you know you need to make a change, what should you do? One answer is interval training on a treadmill which is one of the best ways to put your body into a mode where it burns fat for fuel. The shock of a new training routine is sure to wake up your body and get into great shape. It’s easy to get started. Here are the essentials.

To begin with you will have to rethink your ideas on training. Slow, continuous jogging on a treadmill is just not that effective for burning fat. The first step is to figure out the fastest pace you can sprint on a treadmill for one minute without injury. At first, you will most likely need to test a few settings. You may be able to sprint all out at 12 mph or maybe you can sprint at 4 mph. The speed will be dependent on your current level of fitness.

You will sprint for a period of one minute, and then slow the pace down to a comfortable speed for about two minutes. This sequence is repeated ten times. That’s all there is to it. Interval training is short, but very intense. You might not believe that your body can withstand this, but in truth your body can withstand a lot more than you think. And why would you put yourself through this? Because interval training sets up your body to burn fat for fuel. This process continues for up to 48 hours; even when you are sleeping. Burning more fat and getting into better shape is exactly what you were going for when you committed to this routine, and you will no doubt see the benefits. You should perform the interval training session Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Eliminating boredom and efficient use of time are other benefits of interval training. You can eliminate boredom by changing the length of the intervals or by using different equipment. If boredom is setting in, try performing your training on an elliptical machine or shortening the intervals and running at an even faster pace. There are an infinite number of ways to structure the training. Just make sure that you are performing short intervals at a very high level, followed by a rest interval and repeating approximately ten times.

Interval training is a great idea. Of course it’s more than likely a bad idea if you happen to have any sort of heart condition so you’ll want to have that discussion with your doctor before you start any sort of new routine. Remember that your doctor probably knows a lot more about your body than you do so he or she should be the one to determine whether or not you should give this exercise routine a try.

Give interval training on a treadmill a try if you would like to experience one of the most effective ways to get in better shape, eliminate boredom and to lose fat at the same time.