12 Inch Car Subwoofers - A Sound System that Hums

What is the best 12 inch subwoofers for your car?

Just because you're on the go, it doesn't mean that you can't listen to great music. The best 12 inch subwoofers are great for playing most kinds of music on the market. If you love hearing low tones and heavy beats and your car's sound system just isn't giving you enough bass, then you should buy and install some 12 inch subwoofers for that extra bump.

In this article we will review a few optimal subwoofers that you can get today and begin to experience the sound system you always wanted at a low cost investment.

Kicker CompVR 07CVR124 Subwoofer

**Best Choice Overall**

The CompVR subwoofer is a subwoofer from Kicker with 4 ohm impedance. It's powered with 400 watts and peaks at 800 watts and has a frequency response starting at 25 Hz and goes all the way to 500 Hz. The design of this subwoofer lets it handle more powerful sounds allowing it to take on more pressure without getting damaged easily.

Infinity Reference 1260w Subwoofer

Budget speaker with rich bass tones

The Infinity Reference 1260w is a single voice coil subwoofer with 300 watts of power and a peak of 1,200 watts of power handling.

Dual BP1204 Subwoofer

**Top Pick** for those looking for a flashy speaker and great output

For a more flashy display, the Dual BP1204 is the choice to make. This model comes in a pair with its own enclosure and has blue illumination so you can show off your subs to your friends. And if you aren't in the mood for the blue lights, just flick the switch and you can turn it in the mean time.

Pyle PL1290BL Subwoofer

The Pyle PL1290BL has some flare but not so much flash. As part of the Blue Wave series, it features some awesome blue curves that you will love looking at.