An Ultimate Lifestyle Secret - Say Hello to Your Soul

New technological discoveries need to be looked at closely and their implications discussed.

Recently scientists have been able to use new technology to thoroughly study the human body. This technology lets them "see" and measure something that was talked about but never really proven. What is it? It is the electrical current that circulates throughout the body. It carries your thoughts from the processing area of your brain to the storage area and vice versa. The sensations you experience when you touch something, smell something, hear something or see something are transmitted to the brain by electrical currents passed through your nerves. They have ascertained that when you learn something new, new synapses are formed. If you repeat something over and over for a period of time (20 - 22 days), the same electrical pathways fire over and over. What you were repeating becomes a "learned" response and will become part of your habits.

Up to the time this new technology was used, medical scientists and doctors have stated that they have never seen or found the soul in all of their studies. Maybe, now they have. They just haven't recognized it. We all know what the heart looks like and what it does. It is the pump that circulates the blood which carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. We also know what the brain looks like and what it does. Using computer terminology, it is the central processing unit and hard drive of the body. Maybe this newly confirmed electrical current is the soul.

When conception takes place between egg and sperm, cell division begins. At some point during pregnancy, suspected to be just before the fetus begins to move, an electrical spark begins within the fetus and thoughts and sensations commence. Currently there is no proof concerning the origin of this spark. Some surmise that it comes from the mother and others that it comes from an external source.

A large number of women who have experienced pregnancy reported a funny feeling, a tingle or a minor pain shortly before their baby began to move. This was when the spark of life or the soul of the baby commenced.

The universal law of energy states that energy, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed, but only transformed from one type to another. If the electrical impulses in the human body cannot be created, then they had to get there from another source. Similarly, when the human body dies, the electrical current in the body cannot be destroyed, so it must leave the body. This would explain the fleeting images seen by thousands of people world wide who have been watching someone at the moment that person died. The expression "the immortal soul" could refer to the electrical essence released from the body at the instant of death. When we get more sophisticated equipment capable of detecting minute electrical impulses in the air, maybe we will be able to locate the souls of the departed. The universal laws would seem to support this hypothesis. What do you think?