A good review of the New Balance 991

The New Balance 991 shoe for men and women are best suited for running since they give you unparalleled support, durability and cushioning that is resilient and with a heritage of being a classic and used by many as a signature brand for running. Most runners prefer the shoe especially the high-mileage runners.

Another evidence of New Balance 991 shoes’ fame is the partnership with Sole Obsession to come up with great colors which are not only vibrant but also attractive to most runners. When New Balance 991 came into the market, most moderate users loved it and even currently as more 990 series are out in the market.

Comparing the New Balance 991 with other preceding models, the shoe claims more great features which include:-
• Admired Brooks 991 support structure.
• Affordability
• Stability and comfort achieved over its light weight.

The 991 stands outs and builds its reputation with added technologies that come with the package, the best example being the ENCAP mid-sole for the heel. Another addition is the C-CAP core packed with polyurethane frame to ensure maximum resilience and firmness for your feet. ABZORB is another cushioning feature that provides comfort for your heels and toes.

ABZORB is one of the state-of-the-art technologies that the New Balance 991 was released with and it greatly supported the firm’s success. The invention uses a superior cushioning method based on foam that encapsulates the feet and gives good support and not compromising the comfort of your feet.

Away from cushion and stability, the shoe enhances your performance which is achieved through the flex grooves in the toe are, therefore the New Balance 991 assists a runner in unleashing the ordinary pace, giving you a more powerful and a normal run. Flexibility at the toe area is enhanced by extra flexible EVA compressed mold.

With a synthetic and airy mesh on the upper part, the New Balance 991 is one of the lightest running shoes in the market. The materials are strategically engineered to give comfort and support; not leaving out the reflective areas of the shoe to enhance visibility in low lit areas.
As a matter of fact, the 991 is one of the greatest creations not only as a classic but also in integrating modern technologies.

There are many models of running shoes available in the market today but only few get good reviews and ratings. However, the New Balance 991 stays ahead as one of the most comfortable and best supporting shoe in the market. Both serious and spontaneous runners agree that this shoe is worthy the consideration it gets. If Steve Jobs was reportedly seen wearing it, then it meets the standards of a multi-billionaire.