5 Myths About Car Tires

Most of the car owners today have very little knowledge about car tires( on Swedish they are called Bildäck). That is why there are many misconceptions held when they choose the right car tires for their vehicle and in that article I will point the 5 common myths about car tyres.

    All-season tires are offering better performance than summer tires, when driving on wet road. Remember that the all-season tires have improved performance for driving on snowy or muddy roads, but all that comes for the cost of wet-road traction. Furthermore, when an all-season tire is designed, when a certain tire performance is improved that means that there is another or several others dismissed.
    If there is a lot of tread, the car tire is suitable for use for the next couple of years. However, the facts say that even car tires that have deep tread are ready for recycling and most of the tire manufacturers recommend that you should replace your car tires every 5-6 years no matter what if the debt of the tread. In addition, the debt of the tread is not a way to determine the age of the tire, so you should read the identification number on the sidewall of the tire to get that information.
    A car tire (personbilsdäck) will burst if you exceed the maximum pressure number on the sidewall. Remember that if you have new and quality tire, it will not burst even if you exceed the maximum pressure by a very large amount. However, if the tire has any damage or the wheel is damaged, then it can actually burst. Have in mind that the maximum pressure of a car tire means that you will not increase the load capacity of your vehicle if you add more air to the car tire at this point.
    Many people think that the maximum pressure mark, on the sidewall of your tire, is actually the proper inflation pressure for your tires. Remember that the proper inflation pressure is determined by the car manufacturer, but not by the tire maker. Therefore, the maximum pressure on the tire does not have anything to do with the recommended inflation pressure.
    The car tires from a budget brand are as good as car tires from famous brands, when they are manufactured by the same company. Remember that the car tires are similar to all the other products on the market, so you will not get more than what you pay for. Therefore, do not have high expectations when you buy cheap car tires, no matter what is the company that had manufactured them.